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 Van Wyk Art
& Persian Carpets

 Commission Artist


Hand Knotted Persian Carpet Specialists

What We Do

Art by Lourens van Wyk has no limits.

With his passion for detail and realism he creates masterpieces.

But there is no end to the variety of styles Lourens works in.


Place the order for your personalized painting .


Worldwide shipping available!



That's exactly what it sounds like...

If we don't have a piece in stock that works for you, then we go see our importer to find a piece that suits you best in his large warehouse.


We can also come display a selected few carpets in your home, at request, so you can be sure that what you choose really works for you.



We truly have such love and passion for Hand Knotted that we share so many caring tips, cleaning instructions, interesting facts and information on this site and all of our social platforms. 

Please go check it out, share with fellow carpet owners, so we can make sure to take care of our rugs like we should, so they can last as long as they were made to!



Persian Carpet and Kellim repairs and cleanings are absolutely a specialized service and should only be done by someone familiar with these specific rugs. 

We are proud to have an extremely trusted and well tested cleaner and a true repair artist who is in our opinion the best in the business! 

With over 10 years of stunning cleans and clients being blown away by the repairs done to their carpets we are proud to provide the service. 

Learn how to do at home cleanings on our blog! 



Tel. 061 221 1992

      064 308 4764


Parys - Free State

South Africa

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Feel free to come and visit us at our little Persian Boutique in Parys - 83 Bree Street. 

We are also available for appointments, at your home, at any time and date convenient to you.

You can also see more of us on our Facebook page!

We will also visit you - we offer a specialty service where we bring a selection of carpets that meets your needs to your home for you to view them at a small call-out fee.




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