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Ben and Lourens van Wyk

Ben and Lourens van Wyk


Currently based in Parys - Lourens van Wyk is continuing the family legacy after his dad, Ben van Wyk, passed away on Febuary 9th, 2020. 

The late Ben van Wyk was a great artist, as many people know, I'm sure! 

He spent many years building on his dream to be known worldwide and to live every day doing what he was passionate about - ART! 

His children grew up in a home filled with canvasses, easels, paint, brushes etc.. 

So naturally, Ben was very glad when Lourens started displaying an interest in art. Even as a young child, Lourens loved sketching, as he grew up, other interests surfaced and passed but his love for art stayed. 

After passing his matric year, he went to go study Animation at The Animation School in Cape Town. 

In his second year the family received the news of Ben's Cancer. 

Lourens decided to return home, to Parys, to come support his family during this time in any way he could. 

He quickly jumped in, helping his father with some of the backgrounds of his paintings and everywhere he could during his weakest times. 

It was in these times that he quickly discovered what his true passion was - PAINTING! 

He started on small things, but quickly feel into a groove! His style was also so different from his fathers and the two complimented each other so well in their gallery in Parys - Ben van Wyk Art Gallery. 

Lourens has been painting ever since and has grown into an amazing and very versatile artist who can happily take on any challenge to come across his  path. 

After Ben's passing, they closed down the gallery as Ben's remaining pieces wouldn't be up for sale any more. Lourens and his Wife now run a fully online, quickly growing business with his art and now caters to all over the world, all the time! 

Keep an eye out for this amazing young artist and watch him reach all his dreams.,.  

Ben and Lourens van Wyk picture collage
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