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What to do in Parys - A Long-Time Local's point of view : Restaurants - Part 1

What to do in Parys - a Long Time Local's point of view - Restaurants :

Parys is a beautiful small town in the heart of the Free state with so many things to do - I truly believe that there is something for everyone!

When you are visiting from out of town, whether it's your first time or not, I'm sure you will be looking for something new to do. I know, that as a mom of 2, a woman and a wife I always have to make sure that everyone finds the outing fun...

So obviously a priority on everyone's list is - Where to eat?

I guess it all depends on what you are looking for.. We have the usual - Spur, Wimpy, KFC and Steers, but we also have quite a couple of unique and interesting restaurants in and around town..

This is Part 1 of the Where to Eat series - a quick overview of the restaurants in Parys.

*For a more casual and family friendly place I suggest Jimmy Jaggers - It has a bar, with big screens for watching sport matches, great food and cocktails, a menu that caters for everyone and a BIG indoor play area for the kids with child minders to keep an eye on them while you eat.

*For a bit more of a romantic feel, Art Lovers Restaurant and Guesthouse is definitely the place to go... Art Lovers has been a landmark in Parys for many years now. They offer artsy, classy indoor dining with a lovely fireplace for the winter and a beautiful outdoor garden dining area for the summer days! Over weekends they have live artists performing and Art and Persian Carpet exhibits. This is the perfect place for coffee or wine with girlfriends or a date! The menu is short and sweet and every meal is made by a chef that we personally know has a great love and passion for food and definitely caters to everyone's taste.. Mom and Dad may want to enjoy this spot on their own but the kids are always welcomed with open arms too..

*O's Restaurant is definitely an must visit destination for the whole family.. This spot right on the riverbanks offers nothing but good vibes! With a hearty menu filled with feel-good, amazing quality food and a variety of wines and great cocktails.. With seating inside for a cozy, romantic, homey feel and outside for blissful and tranquil vibes and a great view!

All of this and then you get to dine while being serenaded by a talented live pianist...

The venue also has a fabulous little cocktail bar with a deck right on the river where you can enjoy great drinks and food.

*For a unique and traditional South African feeling and menu that makes you go back in time with every bite, Plum Tree is definitely the place to go! Decorated with carefully selected antiques, collectables and magazines and newspapers from vintage times which are tons of fun to page through and reminisce on while waiting for your hearty meal. This place is really a true experience, it offers great photo-ops too!

There are many more great restaurants, bistros and spots to grab a great bite for the stroll down the main road, popping in and out of all the great little shops..

Keep an eye out for the Long Time Local's point of view the most unique little shops and part 2 of the restaurants in Parys..

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